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Evaluation of fresh frozen plasma usage at a medical college hospital - A two year study
Nagarekha Kulkarni1
1Associate Professor, Department of Pathology, Vijayanagara Institute of Medical Sciences, Bellary - 583104. Karnataka, India.

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Dr. Nagarekha Kulkarni, Associate Professor
Department of Pathology, Vijayanagara Institute of Medical Sciences
Bellary - 583104

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Kulkarni N. Evaluation of fresh frozen plasma usage at a medical college hospital - A two year study. International Journal of Blood Transfusion and Immunohematology 2012;2:16–20.

Aims: The aim of this is study was to evaluate the usage of fresh frozen plasma (FFP) according to indications and to reduce inappropriate usage.
Methods: A two year retrospective study was conducted in Medical College Hospital blood bank. Based on the guidelines published by College of American Pathologists, National Health and Medical Research Council and Australasian Society for Blood Transfusion FFP usage were categorized into appropriate and inappropriate. Pre and post-transfusion INR/PT were recorded and the effect of FFP were studied in patients who received FFP.
Results: During two years 1884 units of FFP were used for 945 patients. Only 454 (48%) requests were appropriate and 491 (52%) were inappropriate requests. Absence of bleeding or surgical intervention was the commonest reasons for inappropriate FFP use. Mean improvement in the pre-transfusion INR per unit of FFP was 0.75 (median 0.56, range 0–3.7) of which 33% showed significant improvement in the pre-transfusion INR.
Conclusions: Our results showed a 48% appropriate and 52% inappropriate use of FFP in patients. Inappropriate FFP use could be reduced by educating the staff, by establishing the hospital transfusion guidelines, by regular evaluation of requistions and by conducting awareness programme among clinicians.

Key Words: Appropriate, Inappropriate, Fresh frozen plasma

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Nagarekha Kulkarni - Substantial contributions to conception and design, Acquisition of data, Analysis and interpretation of data, Drafting the article, Revising it critically for important intellectual content, Final approval of the version to be published
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