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International Journal of Blood Transfusion and Immunohematology - IJBTI - Review Articles, Original Articles, Short Communication, Case Series, Case Reports, Letter to Editors

Sections and Subjects: IJBTI

Following are the type of manuscripts published in International Journal of Blood Transfusion and Immunohematology (IJBTI)

IJBTI accepts manuscripts under the following sections:

  • Review Article - An article discussing a single topic in detail.
  • Original Article - An article reporting results of clinical, pre-clinical and experimental research including randomized controlled trials, interventional studied, case-control studies, outcome studies, studies of screening and diagnostic test and cost effectiveness analysis.
  • Short Report - Report of work on significant novel developments or important preliminary observations.
  • Rapid Communication - Articles reporting results of a pilot study or preliminary findings of a study
  • Case Series - Report of a series of two to six similar cases
  • Case Report - Report of a single case
  • Clinical Images - Distinct images from clinical medicine, radiology or pathology, with a short discussion of the case (shorter than a case report)
  • Letter to Editors - Brief report of a case, results of a pilot study or comments on articles published in the journal.

Some of the topics covered by IJBTI are:

Donor recruitment and donor selection
Blood collection methods
Blood collection devices
Autologous Transfusion
Plasma fractionation techniques
Plasma derivatives
Preparation of blood components
Pre-storage leukoreduction
Pharmacological alternatives
Blood Substitutes - Modified RBC
Pre-transfusion testing
Bacterial detection and Pathogen reduction
Transfusion transmitted infections
Adverse affects of blood transfusion
Transfusion Associated GVHD
Transfusion Reactions
Massive Transfusion
Platelet Therapy
Transfusion in Elective Surgery
Transfusion in Oncology Practice
Transfusion Management in Haemoglobinopathies
Paediatric & neonatal transfusion
Transfusion support in Transplant patients
Nucleic Acid Testing
Autoimmunity in hematology
Alloimmunity of blood
Genetic markers of diseases
Cellular immunotherapy
Molecular therapy
Gene therapy
HLA in Transfusion Medicine
Stem cell plasticity
Stem cell sources
Stem cell collection and storage
Donor Haemovigilance
Transfusion Safety
Quality control
Blood Bank Accreditation
Automation and information technology in blood banking
Inventory management in blood banking
Error Analysis and Prevention

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